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Thread: Family Guy Sound Bites

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    Family Guy Sound Bites

    Okay, there's a part in one of the episodes where Cleaveland and Peter are dancing at what I think is a costume party or reunion but Peter's singing/laughing to the tune of a theme song that was completely done by synth in the 80s.

    I can't remember what episode it was from but its hilarious. The theme I think was done for a cop show of some kind. Could someone be able to tell me what episode its from? Or where I could find such a sound clip, even if its from YouTube?

    Thanks! Do you guys have a favourite sound clip or episode that constantly makes you laugh? This is the part that I find funny myself. Or the part where he's comparing himself when he out farted Micheal Moore XD
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    Re: Family Guy Sound Bites

    I can tell you it's from the episode "Death Lives" in Season 3. Peter skips out on Lois on their anniversary to play golf, gets struck by lighting, and takes a trip with Death through his life since he met Lois. The scene you're referring to, Peter and Cleveland are in a nightclub after Peter ditches Lois and their movie date.
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