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Thread: fav. playstation rpg. MUST STATE WHY

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    Re: fav. playstation rpg. MUST STATE WHY

    super robot wars series, sd g generation series, super tokusatsu taisen 2001, samurai x rpg, gatekeepers, samurai showdown rpg, zoids rpg, etc. mostly japanese rpg games. i was really disappointed that there are a small quarter of rpg games that are only translated for ps. you should know, there are about a hundred of japanese rpg games.

    but first and mostly it's super robot wars, where else can you play all anime mechas crossover in to one tactical rpg game. second is sd g generation, same as the super robot wars but it is all gundams. third, the super tokusatsu taisen 2001, same as the others but it's all super sentai like masked rider, shaider, ultraman, etc.

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    Re: fav. playstation rpg. MUST STATE WHY

    Quote Originally Posted by awesomeparty12 View Post
    my favorite [playstation rpg is Suikoden2 it is the best that i have played
    sorry for not saying why the reason why its the best is i have beaten almost every game for every system but it haunts me becuase it is the only game i have not beat so thats why i like it so much
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    Re: fav. playstation rpg. MUST STATE WHY

    Final Fantsy VII is my favorite because its was the first rpg I played and got me playing rpgs.
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    Re: fav. playstation rpg. MUST STATE WHY

    Quote Originally Posted by azriel View Post
    well i got on the discussion of rpgs and how most people i know think the old rpgs are better than the new ones that come out nowadays. so i wanted to see what everybody else thought and find out what is everyones fav, rpg, also i wanted to know if anyone could help me figure out or if they know the name of an rpg that was on the playstation a hwile back. the only things i can remember is that itf style is like finfal fantasy tactics or vandal hearts and the main characters can turn into giant creatures, the main character i know can turn into a ref monkey and another character turns into a giant fairy/butterfly ne ways lets discuss and hopefully someone can help me figure out the name of this game lol.
    That game you are talking about...you don't mean Saiyuki: Journey West, do you? That game seemed really good, but it really didn't catch my interest. I am just finiding out now that IGN gave it a pretty decent review O_o. Maybe I'll give it another whirl.

    Anyhow...best PSX RPG HMM...Xenogears. No game had such epic storyline or combat system. I only wish they put more time into the voice acting for the anime cutscenes.

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    Re: fav. playstation rpg. MUST STATE WHY

    hmm... my favourite rpg on playstation2... thats a tough one. i play alot of rpgs and i love them all. its hard to name one game.so im gonna name a few.

    fav. video game company:
    Company:Square Enix

    do i need to explain why? Square Enix produced the Final fantasy series, Kingdom hearts series, Dragon Quest series. need i say more? they have quite the rpg games under their belt. the graphics, the anime style, the stories, the game play are top level.

    this game i am going to name is in "sandbox style".For thoses of you who do not know what "sandbox style" is a style that where players may ignore the game objectives and explore the world. A sandbox mode is an option in otherwise goal-oriented games, and should be distinguished from open-ended games with no objectives such as Sim City.

    fav. rpg in sandbox style
    although this game has difficult controls and rampant slowdowns this game is one of my favs.

    game: Steambot chronicles

    reason 1: the ability to play musical instruments.
    As the main character, vanilla, you are given the opition of playing a varity of instruments: harmonica, the trumpet, saxophone, violin, string bass, accordion, drums, guitar, eletric guitar as well as play church organs and pianos. each instrument has a different control schemes.You can play a variety of places: the inn, the boat, on the street, in your apartment. the main objective for playing is to obtain tips. there are six song you can play.

    reason 2:Trotmobiles
    Trotmoblies are mechas in the game. "Trotmobiles"are the main meat of the game. In order to get from town to town near the beginning, the player must use his Trotmobile to traverse the countryside. The machine functions as more than a simple mode of transportation. Between towns, many other trotmobiles are dispersed.

    The Trotmobile is also used to haul materials. When visiting an area such as a forest, there may be someone who will stock the players trotmobile with lumber, which can then be transported to someone who needs it, allowing a transaction for money to take place.

    reason 3:the variety of choices and endings you have.
    your choices affect the game. i have finished playing this game 10 times, i have made different choices each time, and i get different endings. one time i was arrested, the other time i shot my friend, the other time i was the hero, one time i became a goon. it's a game that you will never get tired of.

    Fav. rpg game not created by Square Enix and not "sandbox style"
    Game:Rogue Galaxy

    i never finished this game(only 45%), i rented it, so i do not know much about it. it has a great story line. it has an anime vibe to it. the game's engine features a continuous environment with no load time and battles taking place in the overworld in real time. The graphics bear a resemblance to other Level-5 RPGs.
    Enemies roam the playing field and there is no transition between battle and exploring the game world. The player controls a single character, but can change the other party members attack patterns using the team command function. In addition the player can switch characters and access their skills easily.
    It contain puzzles. These can range from the mundane fetching of a key that matches the lock to more exotic ones, such as freezing a waterfall and then using created platforms in order to climb it.

    The dungeons are not randomized.Dungeons in Rogue Galaxy are notably long affairs, and may have odd and specialized enemies in them requiring the player to determine the best way to deal with them.

    it also contains an opitional mini-game The Insectron Tournament. The player pits up a team of his collected and trained bugs against opponents in a chess-like board, turn-based combat. Bugs can be acquired in each of the worlds by setting up traps and using food items as bait.

    Another fun feature is the Factory and Weapon Synthesis. Using the blueprints, the player can set up factory equipment and raw materials to make new items. Upon completion of the item, the party gets a "sample" and the item will be available in some stores in the game.

    All weapons gain EXP from battles until they reach a level where they are "Maxed" and can be synthesized along with another similarly-developed weapon to create an even stronger one. This is accomplished by the use of "Toady", a strange froglike creature whose exposure to the mysterious substance Rune has given him the ability to swallow weapons and regurgitate a more advanced one. Toady can also analyze weapons and make suggestions for combinations, and will helpfully warn if a combination he's attempting to digest will give useless or negative results. He can only combine two weapons of the same kind.

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    Re: fav. playstation rpg. MUST STATE WHY

    i love rpgs in general. they are my favorite types of games to play. right now, im getting into Valkyrie Profile 2, which is an awesoem rpg. the combat system is different and i love the storyline, especially since it involves norse mythology. i got Valkyrie Profile for my PSP and never put it down. there is so much to do and so much to find so it never gets old.

    Persona 3 is on of the most in depth rpgs i ve played. live the life of a student and then fight in the night is very fun. the things you do in your student life affects what you happens in your night life. and its long too (70+ hours).

    and of course final fantasy never gets old. great graphics and storyline always keep me hooked.

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    Re: fav. playstation rpg. MUST STATE WHY

    My favorite rpg is Final Fantasy VII. I love the storyline. you can actually get in to the characters. I dont know if its just me but alot of the stuff in the story of it was really sad and it made me want to defeat Sephiroth.

    I'm also playing Valkyries Profile 2. I like it but i think it's hard. Plus they recycled some of the music from Star Ocean.

    I also love Xenosaga. Its like playing a movie!! I also love the characters.

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    Re: fav. playstation rpg. MUST STATE WHY

    My fovorite Playstation RPG has to be Persona 3 FES. Sure its turn based and most people don't like that but its fun to me. The social setup is what was hook line and sinker. Plus those last few boss battles are killer. I love the challenge.

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