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Thread: Favorite Arcade Games

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    Re: Favorite Arcade Games

    Quote Originally Posted by gamemaster331 View Post
    Are we forgetting that ball toss game, think it's called skeeball or something. That thing is addicting, especially if you're competing with friends. There was a time my friend and I both got perfect scores on the same day. It only happened once though, sad to say.
    Speaking about skeeball, there's also a variance that is very fun not sure if you guys played it before. It is literally the same, but instead of rolling the ball with you hand you have to see down 10 feet away from the hole. What you do is you have to fire the balls from a cannon into the holes to score.

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    Re: Favorite Arcade Games

    Well, if it's an arcade game I want, I'd go for fast-paced shoot-em-ups of any sort. Never mind if the plot's kinda lacking in depth. The point is, you earn points while shootin' bad guys!

    Here are just some of the arcade games I used to enjoy back in the day: House of the Dead, Time Crisis, and the good ol' Aero Fighters series.
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