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Thread: Favorite Band of All Time (Or Singer)

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    Talking Favorite Band of All Time (Or Singer)

    You must put your favorite band (or singer) and your favorite song of theirs if you cant choose because you have so many favorites of their songs then just say that and if you would like you can put some of your other favorite bands/singers then you must put them in a number order like 1,The Beatles 2Queen,3 ELO okay will start talking .

    1.My favorite band of all time is The Beatles I cant put a favorite cause theirs too many .
    2.My second favorite band is Queen my favorite of all my favorites songs of queen is Good old fashioned lover boy I love it because the beat and the lyrics are great (P.S its also my favorite song of all time) .
    3.My third favorite band is ELO out of all my favorites of theirs I have four that are tyed as best Turn to Stone,Mr. Blue Sky,Telephone Line,and Evil Woman.

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    Re: Favorite Band of All Time (Or Singer)

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