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Thread: favorite game endings

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    favorite game endings

    these are endings that leave you in awe or teary eyed or just dumbfounded.
    just tell us a little about the endings that are your favorites and why you love them, and you dont have to pick one (their will probably be spoilers so be forwarned)

    here are my fav game endings

    ratchet and clank futur: tools of destruction
    i loved this ending because it still leaves me speachless and shocked.for the first time ratchet is without clank! kidnapped by the zoni ratchet is left with nothing to do but track him down, this to me was a perfect way to begin an epic journey

    heres a game that was very satisfiying overall,but the ending really was over the top
    not only putting a bullet through balders skull, but punching god into the sun!
    not to mention the end credits (bayonettas dance and the fly me to the moon remix which i love)

    so what are the endings which you enjoyed or still enjoy the most?
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    Re: favorite game endings

    Definately Bioshock. Boy do I love twist endings! Would you kindly play this game? hmm?
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