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Thread: Favorite Movie

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    Re: Favorite Movie

    [QUOTE=Aleister Sithis;585350]
    Quote Originally Posted by NeoDeath90 View Post

    Me: The Princess Bride

    HOW DARE I FORGET THAT MOVIE!!! That was an AMAZING movie, I absolutely loved it.

    "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoa (Spelling...). You killed my father prepare to die."

    Another one of my favorite movies, I forgot about would be

    Edward Scissorhands

    and, BAsically any Vincent Price movie there is.
    and how dare I forget the Tim Burton Classics, Mr. Sithis.

    any movie by tim burton i will watch with the exception of the new willy wonka. there's nothing like Gene Wilder as a crazy candyman nutjob.
    Why hello there!

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    Re: Favorite Movie

    I have another to add to my favourites.

    Hot Fuzz: This is one funny yet cruesome favourite film of mine that rates high for me, great actors, great and funny storyline well done guys.

    But i forgot the legend of them all...

    This is the only film that i would rate as legendary, the only reason i forgot it last time was because i had just watched the film Jumper and no other film was on my mind slimming my variety, but after a while of thinking bang Forest Gump the greatest film. If anyone else has seen this film what do you think about it? I think Tom Hanks is the greatest of great actors ever. He's so good at the Forest Gump part in Forest Gump lol. If you haven't watched this film i strongly reccomend it, it may be old but it is one of the greatest of all time and has a better storyline then any other film i have seen. If you have seen this film what do you think about it and whats your favourite bit? My favourite part would probably be just two lines, after the war in Vietnam Forest Gump is having a public interview which he didnt sign up to do but it's crazy because all the Hippies force him to. Well anway Jenny, the love of his life run through the lake infront of 100,000's of people and shouts "Forest!" Forest replies "JENNY!" the word Jenny is so funny now because of how he said it, it was amazing and yet so funny. Call me sad or whatever i don't really care because Forest Gump rules out any film that has been put on here (in my opinion) Does anyone else like Forest Gump? it's Aproxiamtley 2:50 hours and minutes i think.

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    Re: Favorite Movie

    My favorite comedy movie would be Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. I've watched it at least 20 times, it just never grows old.

    As far as non-comedy movies, I'd say the Lord of the Rings(It's like one movie if you marathon it for ~10 hours). Having read the books, it was awesome to see everything brought to life so perfectly. I demand a Hobbit movie!

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    Re: Favorite Movie

    Quote Originally Posted by hellknight View Post
    What is your favorite movie? and why do you like it?

    My favorite movie is 300 because half of it was based on history and how 300 spartans defended themselves from becoming slaves.
    You might want to read up on that history. 300 is based on Frank Miller's 300 and that in turn is LOOSELY based on historic fact.

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    Re: Favorite Movie

    I have more than one favorite.

    Kiss The girls (with morgan Freeman I love him lol - BTW my very first Fav film and Ashely Judd is awesome)
    *love movies with romantically twisted bad guys*

    Drama/scifi -ish:
    King Kong (I really loved this movie the one time I saw it, it was beautiful but so sad I wouldn't watch it again >.<)

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    Re: Favorite Movie

    I watch a lot of movies so there are so many movies I love. I can't just name one to be my ultimate favorite. I'll make a little list of what I like:

    Some favs on my list:
    * Cruel intensions (Great drama movie, very unique story and catchy)
    * 40 days and 40 nights (Hilarious movie, not all too cliche story and fun to watch)
    * Lost in Translation (Very very awsome story, lifebased and realistic)

    Recent favs:
    * Transformers the movie (I truly loved this one, the graphics are unbelievably good and also the movie motions and special effects, story line is good, very very good movie)
    * I am Legend (The way they made NY clear in this movie, the semi realistic thing, a movie which I talked about over and over. A story to remember, and great acting by Will Smith)
    * National Treasure (Funny movie, acting was good, story was ok, not really realistic, gaps here and there but worth to watch it with the family. Enjoyable)

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    Re: Favorite Movie

    my favs are Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, Lucky Numer Slevin and Requiem For A Dream. But I have a lot more great movies I love to watch, but had to make a choice XD

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    Re: Favorite Movie

    i my self have to go with fight club i just think the story is top of the line brad pitt and edward norton just did and awsome job i also thought helena bonham carter played marla great all in all it was just very well put together and i dont think it was any were as good as the book by chuck palahniuk but i do think it was a good book to movie transition and i love all the hiden hents to the end of the movie about who tyler is i have spent so much time finding them all, plus its an very dark movie and thats not something always go for but it was played out real good.

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