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Thread: favorite music artists, bands, etc

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    favorite music artists, bands, etc

    post your favorite bands or artists just wanna know what you guys listen too
    my top 10 no particualr order

    1. 12012
    2. dir en grey
    3. gackt
    4. avenged sevenfold
    5. disturbed
    6. metallica
    7. 3 days grace
    8. orange range
    9. linkin park
    10. dragonforce

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    Re: favorite music artists, bands, etc


    1. Alizée Jacotey
    2. Linkin Park
    3. Ronan keating
    4. Savage Garden
    5. Dj sammy
    6. Bryan Adam
    7. Andru Donalds
    8. Elton john
    9. 4tet
    10. Back street boys
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    Re: favorite music artists, bands, etc

    List threads/posts are not allowed. If you want to discuss your favorite bands and artists in detail, that's fine, but just listing names is not.

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