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God, Sprout, this is hard.

I'd have to say either Duck Hunt or the original Metroid. Was the original
Metroid on NES? ah well, in anycase yes, Duck Hunt for sure. it was always nice to try some "trick shots" like shooting a duck off of someone's glasses or pocket mirror. But my favorite was one i named the........ well it didnt have a name but im gonna call it the "Letz Shake" shot, because it reminds me of Letz Shake from No More Heroes.

you hold the gun near the zipper of your jeans and do an air thrust. i've only killed a duck once with this method, but it was such a powerful feeling i pulled out a DX move straight from WWE!
I LOVE DUCK HUNT!! I still play it to this day.

I used to do trick shots too. The air thrust is a new one, I'ma have to try that, LOL. 'Bout ten months ago, I was living at my mom's tilt for a short period of time. During spring break, my mom had the week off (Yay for being a teacher!) so she spent most of her time on the couch sleeping. Well, I was home and my little sister wanted to play my NES (She's four now, three back then). I popped Duck Hunt in and let her go at it. I had taught her how to play about a week before hand; she's pretty kick ass at Paperboy too, LOL.

Anyway, I turn on the NES and walk away so I can hop on the PC and do what I'm doin' now (posting on AO!). About five or ten minutes later, my mom wakes up and sees my lil' sis just goin' ape sh*t over this game! My mom says, "Uhh, Sprout; I don't think you should let Grace play this game..." I asked her why as I was walking back to the living room and when I entered... OMG! I seen this three year old girl on level fifteen and was gettin' ten out of ten each round!! I looked at my mom and said, "I taught her well!" LOL. It was too funny! My mom tells me after that she doesn't want my sis playin' games involving guns. >_< So, I let her play when mom's gone. She loves it and so do I!