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Thread: Favourite Games

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    Favourite Games

    Hey just thought id post on my favourite games, an to see what your fav games r!

    JK3 - had this game for bout 7 years now, an prolly one of my fav online games jus cus of type of multiplayer game it is. cus its old it aint so active now which is a shame, but like every other game it gets borin after a while, but would be interestin to know if anyone has it, cus id love to duel! lol

    Phoenix Wright - i aint sure how well known this game is, but its out on DS and its such a awesome game. your basically a lawyer who has to investigate and defend your client in the courtroom, not ur everyday game but def worth playing with its funny quirks and quality storylines that sometimes laps over to over episodes of phoenix wright!

    Half life - think everyone knows of half life, so there aint really much to say, part from its a great game!

    Guild wars - ive actually got a few in the GW series but only actually complete the original. for those who dont know about it kinda like a free version of WoW. i loved the game, particular remember stayin up till 7 or summit in the mornin, completely this long ass mission! lol

    Bleach - actually had bleach on the DS for quite a while, but hadnt really got into it until i started watchin the anime lol, an now im addicted an awesome fightin game. o yea and if anyones got it we gota swop friend codes and have a game! aslong as i dont lag too much hahah

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    Re: Favourite Games

    I got a lot of favourite games, all on the PS3:

    Assassins Creed
    Fallout 3
    Prince of Persia 4
    Devil May Cry 4
    Eternal Sonata
    Disgaea 3
    Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel
    Dynasty Warriors 6
    Dynasty Warriors 6 - Empires
    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2
    Valkyria Chronicles

    and I think X-Edge, which I recently ordered, will also count to my favourites

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    Re: Favourite Games

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