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Thread: Favourite Video Game of All-Time

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    Favourite Video Game of All-Time

    What is your favourite video game of all-time, and why?

    My favourite game of all-time is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, undoubtedly. SSBB is my favourite game because of all the content and it's absolute maximum replay value possible imo.

    I had a total of well over 1100 hours of Power Time in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and have already clocked in over 824 hours of Power Time in Brawl, it is very addictive, it's got 42 stages, 39 playable characters (35 character slots in the actual character selection screen), a real Adventure mode for a Smash Bros. game, lots of other fun 1P Modes, and a Stage Builder mode, so you can create your own stages to Brawl on! ^_^

    My top 5 mains in it, in order, are: Charizard, Lucario, Wolf, Zelda, and Ike. Pretty safe to say I've about mastered Charizard's Dair and Fair attacks, and have got Bair down well too, but Dair and Fair more so.

    I can really keep foes reeling with Lucario, especially at low damage. Down throws, followed up with a few Fairs then a Dair to finish it off. Depending on your position and the foe's, finishing one of these combos with a fully charged Aura Sphere is effective too, but I generally save it to shoot at the foe as it is trying to recover.

    So what's your favourite video game, and why? And feel free to chat about it as I did about my favourite video game of all time.

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    Re: Favourite Video Game of All-Time

    Favorite threads cannot be started by those who are not community members or higher.

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