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Thread: Final Fantasy/Advent children

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    Re: Final Fantasy/Advent children

    not to mention the final battle in x2 was a joke. That ending was also gay, screw perfect ending, that made little sense and was thrown in to please the romance fans. RAGE. lol.

    Your welcome for the help aqua.
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    Re: Final Fantasy/Advent children

    Ugh, another valid point made on X-2....not that I'm disagreeing. When I saw the ending even I thoght that Square is messin around with us all.

    *sigh* Why cant they go back and make the good'ol games? Even Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (aka Final Fantasy USA) for the Super Famicon/SNES was better off. That was a unique FF.

    So was FF Tactics and Tactics Advanced. I liked the PS Tactics a lot. Took me a while to get nearly all the jobs and abilities...the Zodiac summon was a real pain to get too. (T3T)
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    Re: Final Fantasy/Advent children

    Final Fantasy Advent Children was great. I LOVED the graphics. Personally i wish cloud woulda talked more. He was quiet most of the time it seemed to me. But I didnt create it, so who am i to argue. And Tifa wasnt seen alot eithier. Even though she did play a part. It just wasnt really a big role.

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