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Thread: Final Fantasy movies

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    Arrow Final Fantasy movies


    Could anyone please tell me where to download Final Fantasy movies from? I know this is kinda weird, but I've tried so much and so far no success It could be torrent or from any other site.

    And mods sorry if I put this in the wrong section ^_^;

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    Re: Final Fantasy movies

    i shy away from watching things much longer than a typical episode from a website like youtube and such. you should look to see if you can order it from your local library, they have the special features, as they will prolly be in DVD form.

    if you cant, then tool around online and see what comes up.

    btw, heres my little review sans (that means without) spoilers

    Advent Children-PWNS son! o own the special edition b4 everyone else (that i know of, purchased legally

    spirits within- its ok, not as good as A.C.

    unlimited- well, i heard bad stuff about this. never seen it.

    hope i could help

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