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Thread: Ghostrider...it's good.

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    Ghostrider...it's good.

    i've just seen the movie and it was really good. it was action packed, has a liitle comedy and also romance. the story itself was presented perfectly that it did lived up to it's theme and after watching it, i was already expecting a sequel. has anyone here saw the movie besides me? and if ya do, please do tell.

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    Re: ghostrider...it's good.

    If anyone in South Dakota would say but it's snowing bad here lol, anyway tell us some of the parts you saw or seen.

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    Re: ghostrider...it's good.

    hey hell knight can i come to south dakota and take some of the snow i need to see some snow i havent all yr..I need snow lol

    back to the subject i haven't seen ghost rider yet but it did look good to me on the previews that i seen.
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    Re: Ghostrider...it's good.

    When I first heard about ghost rider I couldn't wait for it to come out. Now that it has I am not so sure anymore. Don't get me wrong it looks good but the comercials make it seem like it is more funny and less serious. Which is fine I guess but ghost rider isn't really a fun loving happy guy, he is demon with a skull face. I relize that he is human but he shouldn't be portrayed as such a happy guy. For example Punisher had a dark background and he killed people and made them pay. That is how ghost rider should act. Just my opinion based on the previews, although I will most likely see it anyway.

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