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Thread: The Golden Compass / Northern Lights

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    Re: The Golden Compass / Northern Lights

    I'm not condemning the book, because like I said, I don't care either way, I'm secure enough in my beliefs that I can handle some controversy.

    And I do tend to trust Snopes a bit more then some newspaper, magazine, or web-log. They do do their home work, and if you read down to the bottom of the page, the sources listed are several newspapers (The Sydney Morning Herald, The New Yorker, The London Times). And alot of them date back several years.

    And I do agree with you about the review, it is very fair, but unfortunitly, it doesn't change my opinion.

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    Re: The Golden Compass / Northern Lights

    Snopes is an urban legend site: it's only presenting those points that back up the urban legend at hand -- that being that the story is "anti-religious". It's never been intended to be scholarly resource or even a serious reference. There is very little context... and I'm sorry, but those emails at the beginning are total crap (both boycott spam mails). They're relevant as the sources of the "urban myth" but to repost them out of context of the rest of the site would seem to give them credence in and of themselves.

    As for the bibliography: none of the resources cited seem to actually have been quoted (or even read... one isn't even about the series, it's about the Chronicles of Narnia).

    The entire issue's been summed up in 2 and half paragraphs. Half of the article is information is easily obtained from wikipedia -- the other half is taken directly from the Catholic League's anti-film presskit (Which isn't mentioned in the bibliography). So much for sparkling research.

    The Actual Resources:
    -FOX News Network (can't find it)
    resource two
    -Peter Hitchens (op/ed column by British conservative politician, extremely negative, Philip Pullman by Peter Hitchens)
    resource three
    -The Times (this is a decent enough one ~ Pullman writes a book that will shed light on darkness of his beliefs - Times Online)
    resouce four
    - The Guardian (this article is actually a story about "The Chronicles of Narnia", only the title comes from the Pullman books... His dark materials | By genre | Guardian Unlimited Books)
    resource five
    -The Shed Where God Died (and absolutely EXCELLENT article and good overview of the issues at hand - The shed where God died - www.smh.com.au)
    resource six
    -http://www.newyorker.com/archive/2005/12/26/051226fa_fact (very long... biographical of Pullman)
    resource seven
    Paulie Michelle (just a biography of pullman and information about his awards, irrelevant to the issue at hand)
    resource eight
    (Can't find this one...)
    resource nine
    (can't find this one either... but I can find about 800 similarly titled stories reacting to the film boycott and the church uproar)
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    Re: The Golden Compass / Northern Lights

    O_o well, i don't know about them Catholics, but my hubby is certainly excited about the movie!

    neither of us have read the book, so the trailers have confused me a bit! but i will say, that just looking at it... the casting feels off to me. i don't really see Nicole Kidman and the 007 man really sharing the screen together... maybe too much blonde? i don't know!

    ^_^ i do want to see the polar bears fight though! it looks like they're wearing gold coins! pretty!

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    Re: The Golden Compass / Northern Lights

    I cant wiat. I read all three books and am very excited.

    I really just want to see what the movie comes out to look like and what is in the book that is not in the movie and vise versa.

    They call it the golden compase because it is a compase and its golden. The scientific name would be alethiamiter. if that helps.
    but yes. I loved the books soo cant wait
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