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Thread: good MMOs

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    Re: good MMOs

    Another one I forgot to mention would be Chrome hounds for the 360, I guess that would count sense it’s meant to be an MMO for Xbox live. Chrome hounds is a western Mecha, and like most western Mecha,s the design, movement, and functionality is based on real world movements and locomotion in which the laws of physics apply, so that means the 500 ton mech isn’t zipping around as if its powered by crack. The games graphics are very good, extremely detailed. You have several class of mech rolls to play from, such as my personal favorite, the heavy gunner, AKA artillery, the most powerful class there is with a VERY large splash damage radios, but how ever they are very slow and not very accurate but it has very tuff armor, and if practice long enough and all you need to do is lob a few shells to get the right range and then you can rain high explosive metal on their sorry butts.
    Then there is the soldier. Unlike the artillery it isn’t as powerful but it sure is a hell of a lot faster, has relatively medium armor and speed which is rather pretty fast and is good as a mid range fighter.
    Sniper. Self explanatory really, and a favorite with my bro. If you want to kill anything at long range accurately this is your mech. They tend to be much more stable compared to any other roll type, how ever their guns have massive recoil. If your a sniper, avoid close in combat at all cost.
    Defender. Sort like a faster version of the heavy gunner with the same armor capacity, which is very high and generally excels in close range combat and very powerful direct fire weapons such as the Anti hound cannons or the shotguns and rockets.
    There is also a commander roll, pretty much your communications officer and mobile radar with legs. These guys a very important, with out them, there is no way to communicate with the rest of your squad long distances unless they are near a radar tower. If your commander gets taken out your pretty much screwed because you can’t coordinate with your team.
    Lets not for get the lonely scout. What can I say about these guys, well they are very fast and generaly do very well in tattel tailing the enemies location, which is a HUGE help for the rest of your squad, expeciely the Heavy Gunners as the scout can relay the information and distance to say me for an example and help cut out most of the guess work so I can put my high explosive rounds right where they need to be. The scouts are also very nast buggers as they like to lay traps, particulerly landmines which hurt like hell when stepped on, and if you dont have a landmine detector your litteraly walking into a world of hurt. The down side is that they are very lightly armord, I can kill them with one good lob of four out of my seven howitzers.
    What really cool is that you can customize your mech and there rolls, swoping weapons and electronic equipment, your mech can be a hybrid of several roll types like a solder/sniper you can attack from long range and mid to close range. There are a slew of stuff, chassis, torso/head, weapons, electronics, just a ton of stuff. How ever, if you don’t have Xbox live, don’t bother with it, the single player is just a glorified tutorial.
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    Re: good MMOs

    It should be better of if you could make your text a bit more visible.

    If you can speak japanese and those two games are for you

    Master of Epic (JP)

    I'm just love this game there is no level only massive of skills, when you swimming or diving training breathing and when you have full inventory it's heavy and you move slowly but you still practice strength.
    You can jump even higher and do even more it's kind of Social game.
    If you have play Obelivian you going to know much about this game.

    Master of Epic Official WebSite

    Yume Sekai (《夢世界》)

    This game it's really funny to play you start like an adventure then you can choose classes when you reached a bit higher level, nice grapical and everything.
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    Re: good MMOs

    haha you guys have been really helpful

    you should also check out rappelz cause it is a fun game

    i dont really know the reason of wanting to change games ???

    but its still fun

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