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Thread: Grand Theft Auto 4

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    this game needs parachutes lol i was shot down and all i could do was jump or blowup so i jumped and landed on a bridge and died lol it was funny tho

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    Heh to me, I think this Grand Theft Auto is really kind of out of the ordinary, since i had already the review and also the interviews on what effects has been added along with other good things with this game. I would probably rank this game a 3/5 stars, since it does still need improvement with the weather and surroundings of the picture.

    It is indeed a good one from the rest of the past, but overral it requires more work on it. This game looks real in the PlayStation3, and for the Xbox360 it does not look to good. Playing this game is both good and bad, requires more talent and probably more fireworks as in violence and gore with blood gushing out of the characters body, since i am that type of player to deal with.

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