Michael Myers has been in an institution since he was a young boy, after murdering his sister. Now he's escaped and is heading back home to terrorise the quiet community which still remembers him.
Aha! One of the best horror movies ever made. Got me hooked instantly, it was one of the first horror films I saw. How can you not like this movie if you're a horror fan?



Rob Zombie recently stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show and waxed a little bit about his plans for the upcoming reboot of the HALLOWEEN franchise. He first mentioned that it wasn't even his idea to update the franchise. Bob Weinstein apparently gave him a call during the Christmas holiday and pitched him the idea. Zombie was hip to it and reboot goodness was born. As far as the story, he mentioned that he intends to make at least half of the flick a prequel of sorts likely explaining exactly how Mike Myers came to be the homicidal psycho we all know and love with the second half being a reimagining of the original film with some patented Rob Zombie flair. As far as casting, he was reluctant to mention any names for fear that once the actor got wind of it, he'd demand more money but the actual look of Meyers would have Zombie's "own little spin to it".

Got this from blackcrow off A4.

I am psyched for this. It could be the greatest horror movie to come out next year. The original Halloween is a timeless classic, and this movie looks like it will surely live up to it.