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Thread: Halloween

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    Re: Halloween

    It looks interesting,but I might not see it. I don't like to see remakes of old movies.

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    Cool Re: Halloween

    I haven't seen it yet,but by the previews it looks to be a pretty good movie so I guess I'll go see it soon.
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    Re: Halloween

    I'm uneasy about this one. I liked some of the other work that Rob Zombie has done but I'm tired of movie remakes.

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    Re: Halloween

    From what see in the previews it didn't look all to bad.But then again i liked the first one allot and now there is supposed to be a new one ?. I am half and half on this movie i wanna see it then again i don't want to see a great movie messed up.
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    Re: Halloween

    Personally I think remakes are never as good as the original. I also heard from many people that the movie sucked really bad. So yeah not going to go see this one.
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    Re: Halloween

    Ok, I'll be the first...
    Who had to slam their car into a light pole, doing 70 mph, at 2:00am, to think that Halloween NEEDED to be remade?!?
    What they couldn't think of an original idea for a Halloween movie... I mean Halloween/All Hallows Eve/Samhain has it come to this? Obviously we have run out of scary ideas.

    I am disappointed to hear they will not be using the theme.

    However, I will say this, and please do not think me a fake...
    I am sure their will come a day when I'm exhausted, and the movie comes on the TV, and GASP (say it isn't so)... the remote is out of reach.
    Then comes the eternal question... do I drag myself over to the remote, do I suck it up and just watch the movie, or will the beings that watch over us bless me that day and someone walks and changes it for me.

    But if you're excited about it, good for you, we could all use more things in life that excite us.
    Query: Have you seen the original Halloween? If you have, and you do go to see it, let us know how it compares.

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