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Thread: Halo 2 or 3

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    Re: Halo 2 or 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Exoparadapsyphobia View Post
    Campaign: Halo 2>Halo3
    Multiplayer: Halo2<Halo3

    The Halo 3 Campaign could have used a little more spit and polish, I wasn't really drawn into like I was with Halo 2, and seemed rather cheesey to me. First off because the levels were even more straight and narrow than Halo 2's. It didn't allow for any aleniation in tactics or a variety in environments or enemies. I found myself bogged down by a simple mixture of Grunts and Brutes far too often. I really missed killing Elites, too.

    I don't have any qualms with the multiplayer though, it's definitely more enjoyable and imaginitive than Halo 2's. However I haven't had a chance to test it out online, I've only been to a few Halo parties. I was also impressed by the Forge and Theatre functions.
    One thing that i would give to halo 2 completly over halo 3 is finding ways out of the levels story or multiplayer. I thought it was fun finding ways around the barriers. In halo 3 they supped up the invisible walls making it (as far as i know) impossible to get out of the levels.

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    Re: Halo 2 or 3

    Yeah I love both of their multiplayer modes, but in my opinion the Halo stories are worthless. I will say that I like more levels from two, more vehicles from three since I specialize in SBC(splatter based combat), and overall they are about the same for me. I did like getting out of levels though.
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