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Thread: HBO Series

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    HBO Series

    Instead of doing all the shows in several threads I'll just clump them all up here.

    I don't how long HBO has been making their own series, but the three I know are:

    - The Wire
    - Entourage
    - The Sopranos

    I caught a few episodes of Entourage back when I had subscription, and saw some clips of The Wire on youtube, both of which I found very interesting. The Sopranos I never saw, but I think it so talked about that everyone knows the show.

    Anyone else seen these series?? I would post some clips from The Wire but the violence and language is not really appropriate.

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    Re: HBO Series

    The Sopranos and The Wire are both regularly called 'best series ever' so you know they're quality. The Sopranos pretty much announced the end of movie dominance in the quality division and TV series have been miles ahead of the movie industry ever since.

    Maybe in the near future the West will have a similar situation as Japan has. Where TV work is more profitable and makes more 'stars' than the movie industry.

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