This forum looked kind of a cool.It is American wright?I am Diego Menendes an i am from Slovenia. In some way this is a quite unusual country. By the way country is in the very unusual shape. It is in the shape of a chicken.I was always asking myself did that meant something more? You can find many extreme people here, in the population of 2 million people.
I started filming movies in 2001 and in the same time i wanted to become writer and musician. So i started to film our first film entitled Blood in the woods. In those days we and other film makers still used vhs analog cameras. Since i was only 6 years old i watched all kind of HORROR stuff.It was such a disaster that Ed wood couldn t do it in a million years It didn t work out in first try. . So i formed the band in that year and put my energy in that project. Our name was/is MENENDES BROTHERS. It was just something scary about that name. That was a two months after i watched that film about tragic story of Menendez Bros who done that terrible thing.
In next day i became Diego Menendes, for god know what reason.
In late 2006 we were working in some bank and in the floor 13, which was the last floor, everthing was empty.It was a floor in the circle of hall where you had at least 60 ofices. In next five minutes i went down to my friend an rent a camera. So we started to shoot film by PURE accident. Other film projecty, that you will see were film also very spontaniuos. Without any plan.
I think that is the real way of filming movies instead of being movie starr or becoming a doll/puppet of some ,,american star director". The underground scene is much better. Some people said that this film is TRASH. Some said it is horror/comedy some said it is original, while some said it is just a piece of
SHIT.Ha, ha. What do you think?

YouTube - Retard zombie- Trailer for Diego Menendes film