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Thread: Hello Kitty

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    Re: Hello Kitty

    i guess so but i get chococat and just plan anime stuff tooo tbh and i never get the same item again and again i just think its all really cute i went to the usa and see a hello kitty shop and i near died i was like OMG I WANNA LIVE THERE lol

    and my bf dont mine me liking it ether he thinks its cute XD lol

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    Re: Hello Kitty

    ^-^ ooo Kitty i love it very much it is super cute ^-^ and i really love it , everything i found that have thing with hello kitty i buy XD i can't stand it it is so pretty and cute my room now half kitty and winne the pooh XD those two are so cute ...

    when i was little i always loved hello kitty and i always liked looking at it XD ... =^_^=
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    Re: Hello Kitty

    oh my... god! Hello kitty is the sh**! I fell in love with Hello kitty when i was 9. I even have a wallet with Hello kitty. Some of my friends usually give meh Hello kitty stuff. And, i love it!!!

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    Re: Hello Kitty

    Yeah, I'm sort've into Hello Kitty, but not too obsessed with it. All I have in Hello Kitty is like, a shirt, purse, and pen. Though, I like the goth Hello Kitty stuff better than the pink...but, that's just me.

    And I wouldn't go so far as to say they're 'taking over the world', because I haven't seen much of HK around where I am...

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