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Thread: Hero's Volume 1 and 2

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    Hero's Volume 1 and 2

    WOW this series allmost matches Lost and Prison Break! now this is one of my favourite T.V programmes and i was wondering if anyone on AO watches this programme so yeah i have a few questions for you all.

    1. Do you watch it? If yes why? If no also why?
    2. Who is your favourite character? (explain why)
    3. Who's power would you have out of all the characters? (explain why also)
    and lastely general desscussion about Hero's and the new series.

    I'll start then.

    1. Do you watch it?
    Yes i watch it because i like the storyline of "Hero's" with special ablities, it's so cool to watch and i can't get enough of it! It's got goodies and badies lol just all in all spectacular.

    2.Who is your favourite character?
    My favourite character is Hiro, he is a legend and a half lol, so funny and he is such a good actor for his part in the series, however in series number 2 where he is that amazing warrior it isn't the same, he isn't Hiro and it's a bad part on his side i think. Apparantley though season 2 is better than season 1 which gives it a lot to live up to. These new characters don't help either, some of them are just not the orignals, so in my opinion they have to try extra hard to get my credit as great Hero's actors.

    3.Who power would you have?
    Ahh well...Depending on two things here, if i was in the world of the hero's i would have Peter Petrelli's because he absorbs and holds all other powers of all other Hero's but in real life that wouldn't work because there are no people with special abilities so i would have Hiro's and yes sorry Hero's fans, a hero should never use his powers for personal need, but hehe i'm no Hero, i would stop time and cheat at gambling

    4. Generall Disscussion...
    My favourite scene on Hero's season 1 would be when
     click to show spoiler
    Or another of my favourite scenes apart form that on would have to be
     click to show spoiler
    I hope that if you haven't watched this programme before that you do because it beats any of Corronation Street and those fans of Hero's like myself get watching season 2.

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    Re: Hero's Volume 1 and 2

    1. Do you watch it? If yes why? If no also why?
    Yep I watch it ! I liked the first series but the seconds only just started airing over here and i'm already hooked, look you to everyone whos already seen it :]

    2. Who is your favourite character? (explain why)
    I like Hiro best too I think hes got such an adorable face and he plays a really nice and sweet character. I think he has the best power too :]

    3. Who's power would you have out of all the characters? (explain why also)

    Hiros of course ;] Only becuase I think it's the most effective one. And I would love to do it and say to someone 'Save the cheerleader Save the world.' Cheese I know.

    I've only watched a few of the series 2 episodes but I do really like them and think it will be just as good, if not better than the 1st series as the new characters seem more interesting and the plot is getting better.

    TY Sasurai for the lovely sig!*

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