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Thread: Horror Films?

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    Re: Horror Films?

    Quote Originally Posted by Umbriel View Post
    I think maybe... The "old" one & "the in-between ones.
    Old ones like.. Dracula, Frankenstein, Phantom of the opera.
    I wouldn't say Phantom of the Opera is REALLY a horror movie (and I'm not referring to the musical). It's mostly suspense . . . but I love it, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Umbriel View Post
    I also like the Japanese horror movies. I prefer them in their pure form, no dubbing, I find it makes the suspense more palpable. One of my favorite is "A tale of two sisters".
    I think that the Japanese are the only ones who can do horror films nowadays and actually be good at it! Of course, translation ruins them, but why can't we have a horror with subtitles?!

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    Re: Horror Films?

    Well for it's day Phantom I think would have been a horror movie, after all he's (we are talking Lon Chaney, not A.L.Webber) always in the running for scariest old movie monsters. By todays standards you are correct, no he is not a monster, and no it is not a horror movie. But by the old standards I believe he is considered a monster, and it would be considered a horror movie.

    Now as the subtitles go, I have no problem with them. As long as they are done well.

    My sister always buys me the American remakes, for the holidays. She gets so excited, cause she KNOWS she has gotten me something I will like, because I loved the Japanese version. I have never had the heart to tell her that I don't really like the remakes. It would burst her bubble and break her heart.

    I'm sorry, but "Dark Water" can not compare with the original Japanese version.

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    Re: Horror Films?

    i like horror movies that can be scary and have a good story as well. one of my favorite horror series is the nightmare on elm street series. though i dont like them that much any more. i havent found any horror movies to be that great nowadays.

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    Re: Horror Films?

    I like the old movies more! Scream, Friday the 13th, Child's Play, Pet Sementary, The nightmare on elm street, Halloween are all classics. I like those movies. I love horror movies!The movies today r not very good. And there r too many remakes of old movies.

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