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Thread: Hot Tub Time Machine

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    Hot Tub Time Machine

    This is a funny movie and I would not recommend it for everyone but I do recommend it for people who like The Hangover. A great party flick mixed in with just a little bit of a message. The main for characters were headed by John Cusack. It was quite nice to see many great actors who usually get only bit parts take center stage.

    The story takes the characters back to the 80's. You will feel like putting listening to that hair band cd you still have. The three principle characters are older men who are trapped in a cycle of mediocrity. Their woes are in part made worse from the decompression of their sky high teens. Chevy Chase plays a sort of fairy god father. He appears out of nowhere to give advice here and there.

    The character of Lou is perpetually over the top and never redeems himself. Webber is the example of a hen pecked husband. He turned down an unsure future in music for a stable career and a one sided marriage. Cusack plays an umimaginative man being divorced for the fact he is boring. They get a chance to change things and boobs and beer ensue.

    Remember though it is not for the faint of heart and you may not want to bring young children.

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    Re: Hot Tub Time Machine

    Looked good to me I like how the title tells you what it is. They are not trying to put a fancy title up and then you find out its a couple of guys in a Hot Tub Time Machine.

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    Re: Hot Tub Time Machine

    Finally saw this movie last night, it is a very funny one. I personally thought it was a little short, I'd like to see their unrated or extended version once the DVD comes out. It was predictable, it was a bit cheesy at times, so I guess it was my kinda movie. Loved the part where the black guy sings "Let's Get it Started" on the stage, hahaha.

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    Re: Hot Tub Time Machine

    i have also seen hangover and it was a nice comedy movie and now i will watch hot tub time machine online hope like you are saying its for hangover fans then i m surely gonna watch this.

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