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Thread: I hate Power Rangers

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    I hate Power Rangers

    I just wanted to share my hatred of this franchise
    hell, I watched the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when it first came out when I was little
    being a little kid, it promised me ninjas, imitatable violence, giant robots, and big explosions so it was all good and fun and I actually enjoyed it (when I was friggin 5 years old)
    but over the past maybe 13-14 years, the franchise has spawned so many incarnations
    it doesn't seem to end
    and I'm getting really sick of flipping through the channels and learning that there's a new series of Power Rangers
    ooh... new toy commercials and ooh... they now have magic powers now? WTF?
    I can understand it's popularity amongst younger audiences and that Disney (current owner of the franchise) is just trying to milk this cashcow for as much as it's worth
    I'm just getting sick and tired of the unoriginality of each Power Rangers series
    they're all basically the same thing
    just change names, location, and other little things, and it's all the same
    ah... when will it ever end? -__-

    the only good thing that came out of Power Rangers is Johnny Yong Bosch who became one of the most talented anime voice actors around lately
    the voice actor for Vash (Trigun), Kaneda (AKIRA), Kiba (Wolf's Rain), Claus (Last Exile) and other characters in anime started out as a friggin power ranger
    it sure is funny how the world works

    well, I'm sorry for the rant and if this could be classified as a hate thread (which it might just be since "hate" is in the title lol), then I apologize for making it
    I just wanted to share and see if anybody feels the same as I do
    so... yeah...
    eh... I was really bored
    I was watching TV a while ago and a single commercial inspired me to make this thread
    good times
    I love my girlfriend.

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    Re: I hate Power Rangers

    While the power rangers are indeed a shitstain in our collective memory, this is journal material so...

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