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Thread: Itagaki leaves team ninja & tecmo

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    Itagaki leaves team ninja & tecmo

    As posted here it is said that the head of team ninja Tomonobu Itagaki has parted ways with team ninja and tecmo on the eve of the release of a game he made ninja gaiden 2 and taken legal action agianst tecmo.

    read it here:
    Itagaki Leaving Team Ninja, Suing Tecmo news from 1UP.com

    tecmo retain's the dead or alive and ninja gaiden franchise as seen in the link below:
    Tecmo Responds to Itagaki Resignation news from 1UP.com

    will they continue to make DOA 5, DOA Online, DOA Code Chronos and any new ninja gaiden games? and if they do how will the new DOA and ninja gaiden games turn out and be developed without Itagaki there to help push it to popularity?

    personally i think that DOA is a great series and may need to conclude on DOA 5 if they do decide to make it, it also looks like the DOA girls will not grace use with their umm............ charms anymore.

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    Re: Itagaki leaves team ninja & tecmo

    That second pic doesn't really look like it was made by the DOA creators themselves to be honest.

    As for Itagaki leaving, I don't know the situation enough to really give my opinion but I've never really liked him. He's one of those typical eccentric people who appeals to a certain group of people and completely repels the other.
    Take his numerous open jabs at the Tekken series for example.

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