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Thread: J-Horror: The Ring vs. Ringu

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    J-Horror: The Ring vs. Ringu

    You can answer this question if you've seen both the original Ringu by Nakata Hideo and its American remake The Ring by Gore Verbinski.

    What were the differences between the two movies?

    We know that the supernatural is more deeply ingrained in Japanese culture then it is in American culture. How then was the Japanese movie Ringu adapted for a Western audience? What do you think were the problems faced by director Gore Verbinski when remaking a J-horror movie?

    And finally, which one did you prefer? Which was scarier, creepier? Which one was harder to understand, and in which one did the story flow better?

    Discuss =)

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    Re: J-Horror: The Ring vs. Ringu

    Wow, its been awhile...in retrospect my initial comment would be that Ringu is far more creepy and unsettling than The Ring by a mile. Not to mention that Sadako would make Samara her bitch any day of the week.

    Ringu has much more of a film noir quality not to mention the lower budget which definitely affected Hideo's approach and made for a more disturbing aesthetic. I also liked the more murky spiritual backstory in reference to Sadako's mother mating with some being from the sea.

    Its a given that Verbinski had to produce a different feel for the american audience and obviously had the resources for a major upgrade. But all in all Verbinski stayed true to the story and foreboding atmosphere, I actually enjoyed The Ring very much, but in a versus match between the two my money is on Ringu.

    on a side note I was really disappointed with the adaptations of Dark Water and Ju-on, so I'm a little skeptical about future J-horror flicks. The craze seems to have passed as far as I can tell anyway.
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