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Thread: Japanese Vampire Hunter Movie

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    Japanese Vampire Hunter Movie

    I was hoping someone could help me out in remembering the name of a movie I saw a while ago. It was a Japanese film, not anime, about a few vampire hunters one of which falls for a vampire prince and he likes her etc. It is also a comedy. The vampire guy puts on this sun screen stuff so he can go out with her during the day and they kind of crash a wedding. The evil person in the movie has been killing off all of the prince's brothers in order to collect tiny metallic material that is found in their bodies that will eventually make him extremely strong. I also remember their final fight being in a church. I know this probably hasn't been a very good description but if anyone else has seen it and knows the name I would really appreciate it.

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    Re: Japanese Vampire Hunter Movie

    Quote Originally Posted by IMDb
    Vampire hunter Reeves loses his beloved partner and girlfriend in a fierce fight against a vampire duke. While his new partner Gypsy starts work with him, his sister Helen befriends... a vampire prince! But he is a good vampire and would "rather starve than suck the blood of humans", as she says. Too bad the evil vampire duke is after him because he wants to open the vampire bible and therefor needs the blood of five vampire princes...

    This starts spectacular and serious like "Blade", but unfortunately, as the film goes along we are soon in familiar "silly Hong Kong vampire comedy" territory. But wait! It's really funny, cute and sometimes even romantic to the point where it can be considered a date movie! The ending then becomes rather serious again. Another strong point is that the movie is filled with Hong Kong stars: Ekin Cheng, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Josie Ho, Edison Cheng and so on make a great cast, add to those the incredible Anthony Wong (yeah right!), super-cute Mandy Chiang and... Jackie Chan! Let the show begin.
    Chin gei bin (2003)

    Vampire Effect in english, does that description or any of the information in that link tell you if thats the title you seek? Let me know if its a yes or no, okay?

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