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Thread: ken kutaragi to headline TGS keynote

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    ken kutaragi to headline TGS keynote

    The 2006 Tokyo Game Show will be the last hype event for the PS3 before it releases world-widelater this year in November. With that being said, Sony knows that they need to have a great showing at the show to trigger some potential PS3 buyers who hasn't already tagged interest for the new console. For those who is already in planning to purchase a PS3 in November, TGS is an event to ensure that their purchase would be a valuable one. So who is there better to do the keynote at TGS than Sony's own Ken Kutaragi?

    The title of the Ken Kutaragi TGS headline is Next Generation Entertainment Made by the PS3. I guess the next generation really does not start until Sony says so, or in this case, Ken Kutaragi. Joining Ken, is Square Enix president Yoichi Wada. Wada will deliver his speech under his other position which is chairman of TGS organizer Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA), and his titled speech is The Game Industry's Potential and Problems.

    If you can remember, last year Nintendo president Satoru Iwata used his keynote to reveal the Wii's controller which was really big. Ken has a lot to fill when compared to last years keynote, but we have all the trust in the world that he will indeed deliver.

    he keynotes will be held on September 22 while the actuall show will follow on September 23 & 24.
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    Re: ken kutaragi to headline TGS keynote

    The TGS should give us a lot of new information about the Wii and the PS3.
    I hope that Sony will finally lay all its cards on the table.

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