Kevin Devine is a Indie/Accoustic/Rock singer. He has an amazing voice and lyrics to match.
He was also lead singer for Kevin Devine and The God**** Band.

I don't own many of his Albums but I have heard the vast majority of his music. The Album I do own (Make the Clocks Move) is awesome. So if you have never heard of him you should listen to him.
His myspace is

Here is the line up for his album Make the Clocks Move

2.Wolf's Mouth
3.Noose Dressed Like a Necklace
4.Not Over You Yet
5. A Flatline Blur
6.Whistling Dixie
7.People Are So Fickle
9.Country Sky Glow
10.Longer That I'm Out Here
12.You're My Incentive
13.Splitting Up Christmas

Songs I recommend off that album are Wolf's Mouth, Not Over You Yet, Marie, and You're My Incentive.

Questions or Comments anyone?