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Thread: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix+

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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix+

    well i have heard that kingdom hearts 2 final mix will b comeing out im not sure if it will b let out in america but nomura and square are currently pondering it bc it wouldnt b fair to not let all the tons of kh fans in america let in on this with all the secert scenes and new things that do more explainign about the Orginization XIII
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    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix+

    Well the origonal Final Mix only had a couple extra pieces. Namely a fight scene with Xahenort and letting you fight Sephiroth in the Collesium as you couldn't origonally in Japan. (oh and a few extra fights.) Beyond that they extended Deep Dive a tiny bit but not enough for it to make much more sense. I wouldn't get your hopes up.

    Oh and KH1 Final Mix had English voice acting with Japanese Sub-titles so for the most part you can play it just fine.

    There really wasn't all that much added.

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