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    Cool Kingdom Hearts

    ok well just ramble about KH and show off ur knowledge dont worry dont be embaressed we all <3 kh here! D:

    ok well the nicknames of all the ORG. members

    zexion: "The Cloaked Schemer"
    Xemnas: "Superior"
    Marluxia: "The Graceful Assassin"
    Larxene: "The Savage Nyph"
    Roxas: "The Key Of Destiny"
    Luxord: "The Gambler Of Fait"
    Demyx: "The Medelious Noctum"
    Axel: "The Flurry Of Dancing Flames"
    Xigbar: "The Freeshooter"
    Xaldin: "The Whirlwind Lancer"
    Vexen: "The Chilly Academic"
    Saix: "The Lunar Piviner"
    Lexaous: "The Silent Hero"
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    Re: Kingdom Hearts

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    Furthermore, a thread with no focus does not lead to quality discussion. Please create threads with focus not for just general ramblings.


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