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yes it has its own website... its http://www.knightonlineworld.com/

thanks hitokiri
its not ignored... its just not known...

What's Adventure Quest?
Is just a game about u choice to be a guy or girl and then ur job like a fighter, dragon knight{Which kills dragons }knigh, mage and so on.And then do adventures.Which are alright but It sucks in two things one is just one person and nobody elso to talk to like maplestory which rocks!!!!!The comices are good , the new ver is coming out which is "suppenedes"to let u play with other players and even team up.I check knight online but can't download!!!!!!Which sucks.It looks cool.And i am a vapmire in Adventure Quest.I hate been human so i turn.U can be a vapmire or werewolf two but first u must got to lvl10 or 15 not sure i haven't play for a while.Is a pain to lvl after lvl44.Other ppl are higher then me.XD