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Thread: know any black metal ?

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    Re: know any black metal ?

    no more heavy metal,black metal is more about death,hate,antichrist,satin

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    Re: know any black metal ?

    HIM counts? no, I guess not, it's love metal as they call themselves... too soft to be black... Though they sing about death, but they're not atheists (it seems so)
    KoRn? naa... just pure sarcasm about this world.
    Slipknot- pain... pain... pain...

    Maybe the 69 Eyes? Yes, they could be, I like their music quite well, his voice is sooo... black and dead that it just hurts sometimes. lol

    Ok, I think Marilyn Manson deffinetely could be calles as black metal representative, he's hateful, deathful, antichrist (tore appat the bible.. duh!)- a real (s)aint!!! Love him!!! ^^

    Dead Can Dance... LOL no!!! I wrote that just to bring your interest to it... it's not even a rock band... lol

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: know any black metal ?

    Quote Originally Posted by anime_being_god View Post
    whats black metal???
    sorry but i never heard of it before
    ya know..."rrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"
    anyway i know a lot like 'skychurch' for example. like their uniqueness but i can't understand their lyrics. it soooo technically deep.

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