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Thread: Korean shows >,<

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    Re: Korean shows >,<

    I bought several when I was in the Philipines but they didn't work on my dvd player or rather they did but I couldnt access the menu to get the english subtitles and my lap tops drive is busted. That sucked.

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    Re: Korean shows >,<

    So I just watched the first few episodes of Boys Over Flower... And I loooovvveee it already... I can tell I'm going to ball like al little girl, which is promising.

    I love the little bit of comedy, sort of light heartedness that mixed in with the drama. The acting is really great, too! I have to say I was surprised! Thanks for reccomending it. ^.^

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    Re: Korean shows >,<

    i am watching now Stairways to Heaven again !! XD i love this show becasue it show an very big love !! that make my heart fall X3 ...

    and i have finished watching a TV show called (love of spinsters) or something like that lol XD i loved he show very much , i don't know what is the real name of the show bu this is the name i knew the show by ... it is about a woman with an 32 years old fall in love with a guy younger than her in 9 years XD , i love this show and i am very happy that i had the time to watch ... =^_^=
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