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Thread: League of Legends Beta

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    League of Legends Beta

    I was wondering if anyone else here had the chance to play this awesome game. The NDA was lifted, on the first of September, for everything but screen shots and videos so we can talk about anything we want.

    What are your favorite characters and play styles with them? What do you think about game play and just the game in general? What do you think of item selection and the way items are handled in LoL as apposed to DotA? Thoughts on Masteries and Runes?

    My summoner name is Inachus and I'm maining Master Yi currently. I have tried several builds with him and I am having some decent success with a jungling build. Its nice because it frees up a second lane for someone to solo in and I can concentrate more on helping a specific lane if it needs it, or just plain ganking people from out of the bushes. This helps my team level faster and it allows me to gank much more often with the mana regen/cooldown reduction of the gohlem buff, and the slow/increased dmg of the lizard buff is always nice since Yi has no slow of his own. I have not won every game with this build, but I have come out positive in my k/d ratio even in losing games so I'm happy with it for now. The one thing I tend to forget about when I play this build is elixirs of agility. I just need to practice with this build more and improve on it.

    So any thoughts you have on the game would interest me as well as what your play style is. If you want to add me as a buddy, by all means do so. I'm playing pretty regularly as of late.
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