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Thread: Left 4 Dead 2 Online Xbox 360

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    Talking Left 4 Dead 2 Online Xbox 360

    I need 3 people atleast to play this with me online (and anybody else who wants to). I want to get 3 achievements with you guys 1) Kill a Tank with just melee weapons 2) Get a medal on survival with just melee weapons 3) The Achievement Sob Story. I play on normal or higher but not easy. Anybody else who just wants to play with me online just say so and post your Gamertag.

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    Re: Left 4 Dead 2 Online Xbox 360

    I so will play with you my gamer tag is in my SIgniture. just make sure u say ur from AO. the melee the tank is hard. it takes a team of 4. -_- i am only missing one achievement thats (form a team of 4 and beat a team of 4 in versus) -_- people always leave.
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