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Thread: Left 4 Dead

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    Re: Left 4 Dead

    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerman View Post
    So you guys are saying that even if I do get an Xbox 360, which chances are looking pretty good that I will get one...that I should still get it for PC?

    And Team Fortress? I really hate that game, although when I did play it it was on the PS3. But, the whole mike thing you are talking about, are you talking about team Fortress or Left 4 Dead?
    Well it's really up to you, personally I'm okay-proficient with both a controller and a mouse+keyboard.

    The whole mic thing I'm talking about is the fact that when you play on Xbox Live often times you notice other players cheap out on the mic. And you know how tough it is to win any team game when players don't communicate, and L4D is exactly the same.

    Especially in L4D, I have some friends that can hear the Tank coming (I can't) but often times they tell me through the mic or the chat function in steam, which I'm pretty sure Xbox version won't have.

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    Re: Left 4 Dead

    I just think that a multiplayer zombie slaying game would be fun to play. I got friends that are into zombie movies, so I could see such a game being well-played.

    Like Jokerman though, I don't have an X-Box 360 yet. But when I do get one, I'll be sure to buy this game for it's multiplayer zombie smashing goodness.

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