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Now heres a game that never leaves my mind when I think about RPG's. Like you said it was probably one of the best games for playstation at the time. I remember playing it for the first time and hearing that sweet intro music. My favorite thing about the battles was transforming into those awesome dragoons and destroying everything. Except for Julia(not sure if thats the right name, the girl in white) her dragoon never did any damage at all. The healing power was pretty sweet though. Anyway LOD had was one of the finest RPG's I have every played, second or third under FF7 and Crono Cross.
Oh its not Julia its Shana but hey at least it sorta rhymes right? But anyways yeah for me im still in the game i havent beaten it yet but i always make it to Melbu's last or six generation part and what I really hate is his monsters he summons when they use that one attack that kinda little monstes explode on you?And for me i used my dragoons and my attack party was Dart,Rose and Kongol dont ask why but it actually got there..dude those tentacles are reall annoying in the first part and his next form was annoying because he sucks your dragoons up god! but umm...yeah i love the storyline and characters and i forgot who said it was but yes Meru is hot as hell holy S***X_XI didnt know there was a movie out i need to see it omg i loved the real life cut scenes didnt you^_^!!!