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Thread: The Legend Of Zelda Series

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    Re: The Legend Of Zelda Series

    i've played most of them but didn't finesh many. but i enjoied twilight princess the most because of the story line.

    here is a bit of info you all should know. Dont beg for things do it yourself or else you wont get anything. dont let the little details run your life. when your down just keep on moving.

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    Re: The Legend Of Zelda Series

    Oracle of Seasons was the first zelda game I played, but didn't really get into LoZ until Ocarina of Time. I think that of all the zelda games though, Majora's Mask was my favorite. Mask collecting was addictive, and the 3-day strategy element really added to the game I think, really separating it from the other zelda games. Plus for once, it wasn't in Hyrule AGAIN, saving Princess Zelda, AGAIN, no, it was about saving a village from the moon crashing on it. I wish more zelda games would go in the direction of Majora's Mask, go away from the safe formula and experiment with different plotlines. Twilight Princess was great, but it was still a Link to the Past repeat, along with OoT and wind waker. Ganondorf is always a cool villain though, one of my favorite villains of all time.

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    Re: The Legend Of Zelda Series

    Quote Originally Posted by Luminous View Post
    I actually have to disagree with everyone about the story. I mean, saving the princess? Even Mario does that! To me the LoZ series has been more about exploring, and sort of a discovering the world adventure sort of deal.

    Ooh, I've heard about that one! Have you seen it? Is it as wickedly awesome/hilarious as the quote suggests?
    Yeah, I've seen the series. I'd be too young if I didn't, LOL. It was pretty funny back in the day, but if I watched it now, it would probably be funny only because it's full of that goold ol' 1980s cheese. LOL. That show came out when I was anywhere between seven and nine years old and lasted for quite a while. It even got it's own cereal at one point in time. Remember the commercial? *sings commercial song* "Nintendo. It's a cereal now! Nintendo. Mario and Link? WOW!!" LOL.

    There's more to The Legend of Zelda besides saving the princess. Actually, she's the least of Link's worries. It's all about saving the land of Hyrule. Princess Zelda DOES play a key role in almost every game, but saving her is hardly an objective. In Ocarina of Time, she did a pretty good job of fending for herself. Exploring is just a part of the game. The true objective is to make Hyrule a safer place.

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    Re: The Legend Of Zelda Series

    Well i have played all Zelda games and i love them all my favorite is orcirina of time sorry about spelling but i love it because i love getting seals and the horse and the weapons and its just plain out there fun the hardest Zelda game i would say with out a doubt would be Zorras Mask or what ever its called hard but fun .

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    Re: The Legend Of Zelda Series

    Quote Originally Posted by atomik_sprout View Post
    LOL, when I seen the title, I thought you were talkin' about the TV series. "Well, excuuuuuuse me, Princess!" Ah, that takes me back. ^_^
    it takes me back too, haha. an old friend of mine had the dvds

    but on to the post a hand. my favorite zelda game.....hmmm....i would have to say Majora's mask. i personally liked the idea of switching between species to get the jobs done. but the game also makes me wonder about the zelda time line, which is also why i like it.

    the angry video game nerd wondered this too.
    "We have a sequel to the original. A prequel to the original. a sequesl to the prequel! a PREQUEL to the prequel! AND a SEQUEL for the young link of the PREQUEL'S PREQUEL! WHAT THE F**K?!

    but in any case that was my fave zelda game. plus fighting the mask itself at the end was cool
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    Re: The Legend Of Zelda Series

    I love the zelda games benn playing them my whole life.
    Legend of Zelda(NES) it was a good solid game
    Zelda 2 Adventure of Link(NES) it really sucked
    Links Awakining DX(GBC) it was pretty good
    Oracle of Seasons(GBC) loved it
    A Link to the Past(SNES) pretty good
    Ocarina of time(N64) AWSOME!
    Majoras Mask(N64) ehhh it was slightly enjoyable
    Minish Cap(GBA) loved it
    Wind Waker(GC) really good
    Twilight Princess(GC) Almost as good as Ocarina of time

    Well these are all of them I've played. I know there are a few others but I never got the chance to play them.

    Also on a random note I've heard rumors of a new Zelda game set to take place in the future. Link is a desendent as always of the older Links from Ocarina and Twilight. He has a motorcycle called Epona finds the master swords perserved in a musuem. Also from what I understand he has a gun instead of a bow. Like I said its only rumors I've heard and I think it could be a cool game but I don't know if I like the whole going away from the classic style.
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    Re: The Legend Of Zelda Series

    Haven't played every zelda game out there but i'm a big fan. I like how these games never get boring, and it's definitely good on the market. Zelda games always shows us something new with almost each installment. The only Zelda i hate is the cartoon....excuuuuuuse me....

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    Re: The Legend Of Zelda Series

    Well i gota say i love LOZ games they are probly some of my favorit games ever but i would have to say that A Link to the Past or Ocarina of time are my favorits (excepted for the water temples in Ocarina). They are just put together so well i think every one should play them the rest of the games are soled but not this good but that just me.

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