I think that there are two bands that are gonna be big...The First one are the Fratellis, hot off of the British shores and theres also the fack that they have just recently released an IPod commercial, and I am willing to bet that the same thing that happend with Wolfmother...they were small, then they had their IPod commercial and then they got pretty big, and theu still are...
You can see a video here:
Their Offical webpage is also available...
The Fratellis

The second is a local band from where I live...They are called Days Diffrence, and they are about to go on a national tour, but they have also opened for Lifehouse, Carbon Leaf, Yellowcard, and Anberlin. I truely think that the are going to hit it big...but here is their band page...
Days Difference

Well tose are the ones that I think are gonna be big, but I would like to hear what you other people have to think on who is gonna be the next big indie/alternative band

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