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Thread: listen to your heart

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    listen to your heart

    Anyone notice how many artist cover this song or uses the chorise of this song in there version. I was on youtube and found a few more verson to this.
    Now i know of about 8 different version to this. I also add the link so you can judge for youself which version is better.

    ok there DHT both normal and slow. so there 2. there Dons & Tricosta version. so 3. Petrus- make 4. Rob Mayth make 5. there Roxette make 6 and i found a demo version while downloading, and there Jon Young

    i will not add all the links i add the one that you probably havent heard of

    YouTube - Petrus - Listen To Your Heart (1997)

    YouTube - Dons & Tricosta-listen to your heart

    YouTube - Anime Pics ~Listen To Your Heart ReMix~

    these link are to jon young, Dons & Tricosta and Petrus,

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    Re: listen to your heart

    Still my fave has to be by DHT. i can't help it. I love the way it sounds anf i have the slow one and the other on two CDs of mine....

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