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Thread: Live-Action Music Video- Final Fantasy Advent Children

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    Live-Action Music Video- Final Fantasy Advent Children

    To mods: I checked the rules for info on posting video threads, and also checked back to make sure this hasn't been posted, so I hope I'm not violating any rules.

    South Korean singer Ivy replays the Tifa and Loz Church Fight, almost scene for scene! Okay, I lied; this can't be a Live-Action remake because the director of the music video did not ask permission from Square before producing this video. According to the video's director, he "wanted to contact Square, but couldn't find their contact info." A bit...unprofessional if you ask me.

    Warning: Some may find the song to be incredibly annoying. And depending on what kind of fan you are, you may be either disappointed or pleased with the ending. And some f you may be disgusted by this altogether.

    YouTube - Ivy - Temptation of Sonata MV

    Here someone stitched the video and movie clip together to compare the two:
    YouTube - Plagiarism by korean

    Regardless of legal issues, it IS kinda cool to see Final Fantasy played out by real human characters. The video itself, though, has been banned by the Seoul Central Distrct Court from being shown on television after Square pressed charges.

    The video itself was made nearly a year ago, so it might be old news to some of you. Ivy and Sonata of Temptation have been nominated for four awards in M.net Km Music Festival (end of the year music awards in South Korea), including best dance video and song of the year.

    Good thing it isn't listed under best music video director.

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    Re: Live-Action Music Video- Final Fantasy Advent Children

    This came to light on 2ch quite awhile ago... and is a good example of how Japanese internet messageboards are changing the way information travels. (2ch users were also the first to point out obvious plagarism in a recent basketball manga based on Slam Dunk, plagiarism of NBA photos for Slam Dunk itself, plagiarism in Ikkitousen ~ based on Tenjo Tenge, Orange Range stealing almost all of their hooks/riffs from other musicians, etc.)

    It's obvious that it was an intentional copy... and came to light that both the director and the artist were completely aware of the original.

    Plagiarism sucks. I don't care how cool it is: it's screwed up.

    If you lack the creativity to create an artistic statement of your own, you certainly don't deserve to profit from someone else's.

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