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Thread: Live bands

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    Re: Live bands

    Quote Originally Posted by lapislazuli View Post

    Then you should come to Austria on 06.19.2009. Metallica are playing on this years' Nova Rock festival ...
    Not cheap though.
    Well then i've better try to make time for it ^^ and money X_X

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    Re: Live bands

    Well, the only band that I have seen live would be Coheed and Cambria.....Oh! I also seen bring me the horizon. They are both pretty good bands. I foyu are into the metal genre.

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    Re: Live bands

    Metallica and poison are a few of the bands i have seen live. though i would like to see a few from other countries too.
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    Re: Live bands

    I've seen Metallica live twice. Once in Honolulu, Hawaii when Monster Magnet--who wasn't all that great live--opened for them and in St. Paul, Minnesota. Godsmack opened for them in St. Paul. Both Metallica concerts rocked my socks!

    I've seen quite a few bands live--most I can't remember their names, LOL. I've seen Sum 41 live. They were pretty cool. I also seen Run DMC live; also cool. Hmm... Who else?... Also, while I was in Hawaii, I got to see Eminem live at some night club shortly after his debut. Eminem and Run DMC are the only rap concerts I've ever been to, I think.

    I saw American Head Charge live, shortly before one of the band members died from O.D. I went to see Bush in concert when I was 16 (technically my first concert) and Veruca Salt opened for them. That had to have been the most memorable concert, cuz it was what kinda opened my eyes to live performances.

    I'd continue listing bands, but I'd have to sit here and try to remember them all. I know that there've been plenty of concerts and events involving several bands playing live and I can't remember them all currently.

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    Re: Live bands

    I've seen Poison, Within Temptation, the Cure and Depeche Mode, and HIM.(in separate concerts) thats about all ive seen. by far, the Cure was the most fun.
    Within temptation was the loudest, and the best. HIM was the hottest.lolz

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