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Thread: Luc Besson

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    Luc Besson

    What do you think of him? Is he a good director??? How many off his movies have you seen??

    I think he's a really good director, especially the "Taxi" movies (especially Taxi 2 (France vs. Japan)) i think are really funny and "Léon" is a really good movie to....

    And his first animated movie "Arthur and the Invisibles", though i havent seen it, if you've seen it, could you tell me a little about it and what you think of it....

    A little facts about Luc Besson:

    Born: March 18, 1959 (age 48)
    Paris, France

    BAFTA Awards for best film "Nil By Mouth" (1997) (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) is a British organisation that hosts annual awards shows for film, television, children's film and television, and interactive media).

    César Awards for best director "The Fifth Element" (1998) (The César Award is the national film award of France first given out in 1975. The nominations are made by the members of the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinema. The award is French equivalent to the American Academy Awards).
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    Re: Luc Besson

    He has made (directed or written) some jewels such as Léon, The Fifth Element and Nikita but also some gigantic turds.
    In my opinion he's overrated. This doesn't mean he's a bad writer/director, not at all.

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    Re: Luc Besson

    The Fifth Element kicks ass !

    He did very well with that movie. Very well, indeed.

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