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Thread: Males playing female characters?!

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    Re: Males playing female characters?!

    In most cases, I'll play as a female. In fact the only time I generally don't, is when I'm in an online environment, where I need to accurately represent myself. I would use females online too, but I'd rather not go through explaining myself, and also dealing with misunderstandings and awkward social interactions.

    I use females because they are more aesthetically appealing, and yes aesthetics are the reason, not sex. In any game with decent customization, I really do enjoy the added options women benefit from; the clothing, makeup, and accessory options appeal to me from an artistic and perhaps style-obsessed standpoint.

    So yeah, I suppose I'm the weird guy who's priority actually IS the fashion, but I'm not that guy chatting dudes up as I "crossdress". In places like Playstation Home where I do use a female (so...many..options), I like to let people know up front, that I'm a guy, and not to get any ideas. If that's weird, meh I'm a weird person.

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    Re: Males playing female characters?!

    Yeah it was kind of weird seeing males play female roles. Here's one.


    O_O Mindblown. Well for me anyway

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