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Thread: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

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    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

    Has anyone else got this awesome game?

    I got this game about a week ago, and it is AWESOME!!
    I like the storyline and the fact that you can choose which path you take, either register for the Superhero Registration Act and side with Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, and S.H.E.I.L.D. and fight Captain America and his rebels, or side with the Cap and his rebels. I chose to be on Captain America's side due to I think that the Registration Act is wrong, and signing for it would mean being under Government control and having your secret identity known by the public. It's also amazing how Iron Man is made to seem like a villain if you choose this side! I wonder if Captain America is made to be the same here if you sign with the Registration Act. I will probably find out when I've finished on Anti Registration.

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    Re: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

    Yes I have got the 1st one I am thing about trying the 1st in since it does not have the punisher in it and that is the reason why I did not get the second one.. Because The Punisher Is Not in the game..

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