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Thread: McFarlane Halo 3 Action Figures!!

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    McFarlane Halo 3 Action Figures!!

    YEAH!!! Halo 3 action figures! Yeah I know these came out about a week ago! These action figures capture the AWESOMENESS of the halo series! Yup, in EVERY detail! ROCK ON MacFarlane!!

    Meow. :3

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    Re: MacFarlane Halo 3 Action Figures!!

    Well, i got nothin' to do but the Halo figures but i'm just commentin' on the brand...

    I have been really unlucky with McFarlane toys. I just don't like the quality of these toys, surely they are great in detail but my problem with them is that they really start to suck when i take them out of the box...My whole Metallica and Kiss sets all had unwanted bends on either their arms and legs(mostly), i also have this MacFarlane realization of Vash Stampede, it has a display stand but i could hardly make him stand with it, now my Vash's legs are bended on the shin area he's starting to look like Plastic Man...Even my collector friends who has lots from this brand experience the same problems...

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