We've all seen it before. A movie based on a book. An anime based on a manga. A game based on a movie. A movie based on a game(*shiver*), A cartoon made into CG, the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on......

...and on.

Well, AO(I'm getting into the habit of referring to this forum as a sentient being itself...), what are your thoughts on these?

Jumpstart questions for consideration:

Do certain adaptations of media work better than others?
Do stories and the like lose some of their flair or magic in transition between mediums?
Do stories and the like gain some flair of magic? Perhaps they both gain and lose some? Can you think of any examples?
Is there less love for an adapted piece of work for a certain reason?(For example, many people say the LOTR books were better than the movies.)
Are you tired of seeing movies based on books?
Should any works be adapted to another form of medium at all? Is this one of the reasons move tie-in games are so horrible, time constraints aside?

But yes, something along those lines, and of course, specific examples are always welcome. For example, I found Goldeneye to be one of the only movie-to-game transitions that didn't result in some loss of ultimate awesomeness. But of course, this can go for any medium-transition.

Discuss away, my fiendlings!